Children at a Wedding: A Complete Guide

How to politely explain that your wedding is 18+? What to consider if there are children? All answers are in a new article.


How to politely explain that your wedding is 18+? What to consider if there are children? All answers are in a new article.

The topic of children at weddings sparks considerable debate and varied opinions. While a wedding is a family celebration, it is often geared more toward adults. There is no definitive answer to whether or not to invite young guests; it ultimately depends on the wedding format, budget, and personal preference.

You are fully entitled to host an adults-only event, particularly if you’re envisioning a non-traditional wedding, such as a party for friends.

Additionally, if you’re not prepared to accommodate children with a special entertainment program and menu, it’s best not to invite them, as this can add to your expenses.

You can also allow guests to decide whether they prefer to bring their children or leave them with someone else. However, make it clear that you need a headcount in advance, so they shouldn’t delay in responding until the day of the celebration.

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  1. Clearly communicate the option of bringing children by indicating it on the invitations. Additionally, include their names on the seating plan and banquet cards. Children will be delighted to see their names among the adult guests.
  2. During the ceremony, consider giving children special roles, such as carrying the bride’s train or presenting the wedding rings. Their participation in these rituals is charming and often enjoyed by both the children and the guests.
  3. Arrange the program to be engaging for children. An ideal solution is to hire an entertainer for two to three hours. This will keep the children amused, allowing their parents to relax and enjoy the celebration. During the dances, children can join the adults, adding liveliness and making the atmosphere even more relaxed and joyful.
  1. Also for little guests you can organize a separate table or a children’s corner with coloring books, markers, toys, soap bubbles or crayons.
  2. Think about the seating arrangement. It is better to seat couples with children near the exit so that they can calmly, without disturbing anyone, go to the toilet or go outside.
  3. Order a special children’s menu, if the site provides such an opportunity, or organize it yourself. Discuss with parents what food their children prefer and what they are allergic to.
  1. Ensure safety precautions are in place. Avoid seating parents with children or setting up a children’s corner near equipment and musical instruments that could be damaged. Additionally, children may quickly become tired of loud music and start to act up.
  2. Prepare an SOS kit. Provide a small basket with essentials that children might need during the event. Include items like tissues, wet wipes, a mini first aid kit with antiseptic and bandages for minor injuries, and mosquito repellent if the wedding is outdoors.
  3. Give children attention. If you choose to invite children to your wedding, treat them as full guests. Acknowledge their desire to interact with you, whether they want to talk, hug, or dance.


  1. The best approach is to inform guests as early as possible that you are hosting an 18+ wedding. This will give them ample time to arrange childcare.

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  1. Be tactful and respectful to guests with children. Instead of stating “no children” outright in invitations, use polite language. Here are some examples:
  • “We want you to relax, so our wedding is for adults only.”
  • “Unfortunately, we cannot invite children to our wedding. Hope for your understanding.”
  • “We love your children, but due to limited space, we cannot host them on our wedding day.”
  • “Due to venue restrictions, we are celebrating this day only with adult guests. Thanks for understanding.”
  • “The format of our wedding does not include a children’s area or animators.”
  • “Unfortunately, our celebration is only for adult guests. Thank you for understanding.”
  • “Please note that our event is for adults only. We appreciate your understanding.”
  • “Our wedding dinner is for adults only.”
  1. After sending the invitations, you might receive feedback from couples with children, and some may express dissatisfaction. Have an honest conversation with them, explaining your decision to host an adults-only wedding.

There may be legitimate reasons for this, such as budget constraints or venue restrictions. Remember, this is your special day, and the choice of whether to invite children is entirely up to you.