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📍 Where: Amsterdam, Huis Bartolotti
📅 Date: 29th of June 2024

Calling all passionate photographers who yearn to elevate their portfolio and capture the essence of love in its purest form! 

Are you passionate about photography and looking to elevate your skills in capturing the essence of love? Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of wedding photography. Whether you're an aspiring photographer or a seasoned pro, this workshop is designed to inspire and guide you to create stunning, emotionally charged images.

What's included

Lectures & Q&A

Gain insights into finding your unique style, developing business authenticway, and effectively communicating with your clients. Learn the art of posing and relaxation techniques to capture genuine emotions.


5 hours of shooting 3 wedding couples. Including floral pieces, wedding cake, stationery and table set for your portfolio photos.

editing course & workbook

To help you with igniting your work, enjoy the full editing video course from Sol Photo and digital workbook that will help to elevate your wedding photography business.



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Wedding Photo Workshop

For a mere price, embark on an experience that transcends traditional photography workshops. Immerse yourself in the world of romance photography, capturing moments that echo through time.

your craft


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Program Timeline



Session1 : Finding Your Unique Style
  • Understanding the importance of a distinct photographic style
  • Analyzing famous wedding photographers and their unique styles
  • Exploring your personal journey and style development
  • Practical exercises to help you discover your style

Session 2: Effective Communication and Client Relationship
  • Establishing clear communication channels with the clients
  • Clients' expectations and desires
  • Techniques for making clients feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Building trust and support

Session 3: Posing and Emotion Elicitation

  • The art of posing
  • Capturing genuine expressions
  • Creating intimate and romantic poses
  • Working with models and non-professional clients

Session 4: Styled Shoot

  • Guiding participants through the practical aspects of the styled shoot
  • Setting up romantic scenes and compositions
  • Directing models for authentic and emotional expressions
  • Overcoming challenges and adapting to different situations
  • Individual coaching and feedback during the shoot

Session5: Bonuses
  • Shared video course with the full cycle of editing lessons
  • Lifetime access to the videos
  • Digital workbook for every participant to elevate there photography business
  • Backstage videos and photos for participants to use in their marketing campaigns.


  • full participation - 510 EUR incl. BTW

Early Bird Prices (until the 25th of May):

  • Full Participation - 430 EUR INCL. BTW
Payment Options

  • Full payment at once.
  • Reserve your spot with a retainer, with the remaining balance payable on the event day.
  • Opt for a three-month installment plan.


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Used photos are taken from the portfolio of Sol Photo, AI generated galleries and Pinterest

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