Education for photographers

Are you a photographer? Are you at the start of your journey or you are already on the road for years but looking for something new? 

If you answered yes, then maybe it’s worth to check my educational session options for you.

Minimal session

Small Q& A private session with you. 

Prepare a list of your questions, send it beforehand, and prepare for my answers.

Recording of the session is allowed :) 

100 EUR

Standard session

1.5 hours of online session with me. 

Highlight and prioritize the topics you’d like to cover:

- inspiration and preparation

- shooting

- editing

- etc.

Send topics beforehand and prepare for the session. Sending RAW files of your pictures before the session for discussion would be a plus.

Recordings are allowed :)

150 EUR


Package of several sessions from A to Z — inspiration, preparation, shooting, editing, fixing issues, etc. 

Separate Q& A sessions, advisory and help with upcoming shoots.

Recordings of sessions are allowed.

700 EUR/month

Photography workshop

Spend one day shooting with me. Preparation from scratch, tips and tricks from the first hands, watch me working, ask your questions, etc.

Price does not include studio rent if required.

Booking workshop you’ll get 25 EUR voucher for the editing session. 

Bring another student and both of you will receive 50 EUR discount.

500 EUR

Additional educational options can be discussed, just DM or e-mail me :)

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